Microsoft’s Next Windows Phone Nicknamed ‘McLaren’ Could Include Kinect Technology

By on June 13, 2014 | 9:34 am
June 13, 2014 | 9:34 am
June 13, 2014 | 9:34 am

Microsoft owns Nokia (well, part of them) as it has for quite a few weeks. They recently acquired the Finnish company’s hardware arm for the cool figure of $7.3 billion after the partnership between the two companies, in which Nokia became the prime peddler of Windows Phones, was incredibly useful for Microsoft who are currently looking to increase their market share in the face of Android and iOS being the two leading operating systems. Indeed, Microsoft made good strides with Nokia in their pocket with the Nokia Lumia line of phones with its high powered camera tech being one of its greatest strengths. The Nokia Lumia 1020 from 2013 was even regarded as having the best camera tech in its field which is why it’s such a surprise that Microsoft has yet to release a direct successor to that phone but now they are set to be working on that very phone, with a bag full of camera based tricks along with it.

The first of this camera’s features is that it will be ‘giant’. Size isn’t everything after all but that giant camera will reportedly bring with it something called ‘3D Touch’ which is like the Kinect camera on Microsoft’s other hot ticket device – the Xbox One. Kinect on Xbox One allows for hands free voice commands (“Xbox on” switches the console on, for example), hand gestures that can control everything from camera angle to the very thing that you’re watching as well as its position on your television screen so obviously there’s some question about how that could be translated to such a small device. Apparently, Microsoft would like to bring just one feature over and that’s the hand gestures. Without poking the screen, you’ll be able to control the phone. Suggested examples include covering the new Windows Phone to mute it in a hurry, bringing the phone to your ear to automatically answer it and accessing hidden features within a Windows Phone Live Tile by making a tapping motion that doesn’t actually see you tapping the screen.

Potentially, the Windows Phone’s new feature could be regarded as a gimmick and rightfully so. When other companies such as Samsung first implemented hands-free features such as a screen that automatically dimmed if it knew you weren’t looking at it, it went down like lead balloons tied to a herd of elephants. However, Microsoft are hoping to stave this opinion off by enlisting third party developers to make apps that use the features. That could go well when put into games (a horror game in which you must stay completely silent by covering the phone would be an interesting prospect) but Microsoft would still be hard pushed even then to market the phone to the productive, business crowd where their Windows Phones and tablets have always gone down well.

The success of the Windows Phone (which is nicknamed ‘McLaren’) could also be somewhat limited by the lack of branding, after all it’s unclear if Nokia took the Lumia name with them and if they did this could pose some serious problems that Microsoft would have to overcome ahead of the rumoured November 3rd launch. They’ve not even announced the phone yet though so we’ll see what the reception of the new handset is like once they do.

Via WPCentral.

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